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Myths, Legends & Sagas

Egyptian Myth & Legend
Creation Legend
Tragedy of Osiris, the
Dawn of Civilization
Peasant King
Racial Myths
City of the Elf God, the
Death and Jugdement
Stoneworkers' Religion
Day in Old Memphis, a
Great Pyramid Kings
Folk Tales of 5000 years
Triumph of the Sun God
Fall of the Old Kingdom
Gods & Goddesses
Rise of Amon
Fugitive Prince, the
Egypt's Golden Age
Myths and Lays
Island of Enchantment
Hyksos and their God
Joseph and the Exodus
Amon, God of Empire
Doomed Prince, the
Amenhotep & Tiy
Revolt of Poet King
Empire of Rameses
Hebrew Monarchy
Restoration & End

Euro Fairy Tales
Emperor's New Clothes
Swineherd, the
Real Princess, the
Shoes of Fortune, the
Fir Tree, the
Snow Queenm the
Leap Frog, the
Elderbusch, the
Bell, the
Old House, the
Happy Familiy, the
Story of a Mother, the
False Collar, the
Shadow, the
Little Match Girl, the
Little Tuk's Dream
Naughty Boy, hte
Red Shoes, the
Frog King, the
Hansel & Gretel
Jack & the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood
Princess and the Pea
Puss in Boots
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White & 7 Dwarfs
Prince Charming
Golden Stag, the
Old Men's Daughter
Little Thumb
Brave Litttle Tailer, the
Jack the Giant-Killer
Master Maid, the
Pretty Goldilocks
Blue Beard
Trusty John
White Cat, the
Why the Sea is Salt
Goldspinners, the
Terrible Head, the
History of Whittington

Greek Myths
Greek Mythology
Odyssey, the
Oedipus at Colonus
Oedipus the King
Orpheus & Eurydice
Theogony, the
Creation of the World
Jason & the Argonauts
Adventures of Theseus
Adventures of Perseus
Bellerophon & Pegasus
The Flight of Icarus
Echo & Narcissus
Pygmalion's Statue
Eros and Psyche
The Trojan War
King Midas
Pandora's Box
The Fall of the Titans
Roman Mythology

Celtic Myths
13th Son of King of Erin
3 aspects of Macha
3 Daughters & a Son
Amergin and the Druids
Arthurian Legend, the
Birth of Fin MacCumhaíl
Cattle-Raid of Cooley
Celtic Ancient History
Cu Chulainn
Druids, the
Fabulous Voyages
Fair, Brown & Trembling
Fairy of Gannon, the
Fairy Wife, the
Fisherman's Son, the
Giant of Loch Lein, the
High Kings
Iceni Queen Boadicea
Kil Arthur
King O'Hara's Daughters
King of Ireland
Lake Fairies
Leeching of Kayn's Leg
Mabinogion, the
Mac Datho's Pig
Midir and Etain
Mountain Fairies
Otherworld, the
Ossian Cycle
Princess Ethlinn
Salmon of Knowledge
Shaking Head, the
St. Patrick
Tales of the Cymry
Tuatha De Danann
Thuata De Danann
Thuata de Danann
Uliad Cycle
Ultonian Cycle
Voyage of Bran, the
Voyage of Maldun, the
Weaver's Don, the

Norse Sagas
Creation Myth
Dietrisch Saga
Norse Mythology
- Who is Odin?
- Vafthrudnir
- The Tale of Grimnir
- The Wisdom of Odin
- Thirst for Knowledge
- Quest for the Mead
- Escape with Mead
- Balder's Dream
- The Death of Balder
- The Funeral of Balder
- Hermods Ride to Hell
- Who is Thor?
- Thor and Alvis
- Thor's Hammer
- Hammer Recovery
- Journey to Utgard
- Thor and Utgard-Loki
- The Mountain Giant
- The Serpent
- Visit to Jothunheim
- Who is Loki?
- Slaying the Otter
- Loki and Angrboda
- The Binding of Loki
- Loki Unmasked
- Andvari's Gold
- Thor and Loki
- The Tale of a Hero
- Search for the Hero
- Tale of the Sword
- Slaying the Dragon
- Brynhild the Valkyrie
- Sigurd's Marriage
- The Death of Sigurd
Twilight of the Gods
- Decline of the Gods
- Unleashed Wolves
- The Last Great Battle
- Who is Freya?
- Freya's Necklace
- Freya and Odur
- Hyndula
Places, Characters, Things
- Frostgiants
- Yggdrasil
- Valkyries
- Valhalla
- Sleipnir
- Mjollnir
- Asgard

Icelandic Sagas
Edda (poetic)
Edda (prose)
Eyrbyggja Saga
Heitharviga Saga
Volsunga Saga
Njal's Saga
Laxdaela Saga
Cormac's Saga
Grettir's Saga

Danish Sagas
Nibelungen Lied
Boniface & Donars Oak
- Halfdan the Black
- Ynglinga
- Harald Harfager's
- Hakon the Good
- King Harald Grafeld
- King Olaf Trygvason
- Olaf Haraldson
- Magnus the Good
- Harald Hardrade
- Olaf Kyrre
- Magnus Barefoot
- Siguurd the Crusader
- Magnus the Blind
- Sigurd, Inge & Eystein
- of Hakon Herdebreid
- Magnus Erlingson

Encyclopedia Mythica
Legend & Myth (links)
Mythological Places

European Legends
Brazen Head, the
Changeling, the
Coming of Nocsaal, the
Count Dracula
Dark Tides
Flying Dutchman
Guardian of the Sanctum
Herne The Hunter
Image and Treasure
Proud King,the
Rothermere's Travels
Royal Lute, the
Santa Claus
Song of Roland
George & the Dragon
Wilhelm Tell
William Wallace

Robin Hood
Bold Outlaw of
  Barnsdale & Sherwood

Early Poems
Little Tale
Maid Marian's Cottage
Merry Adventures
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Pages
Robin Hood Project
Robin and the Pirates
The Legend
Yorkshire Legend