Vrije vertaling
19 september 2004, 10:05 uur
Free Translation is een website waarop je jouw website kunt laten vertalen. Geinig, dacht ik, effe proberen... Het hilarische resultaat van het stukje 'Kadootje'.:

Sometimes I cannot let it and must look I quite simply there just Bluntly on the website. See or it yet something Boeijends bee obtain is.
This morning was it get: a film, taken up in a domestic surroundings (so to see) on which Franc plays with Stef Bundle. Look and splendor only.

Inderdaad een erg vrije vertaling, ja....
[Degenen die gisteravond ook naar Harrie Jekkers hebben gekeken, zullen wel last hebben van enig déjà vù, vermoed ik]

Renesmurf [www]
leuk zeg:

Allo best Readers

My onlyest quality is appoint
Assistant-unwieldier Brillie can that quite good.
That has always its prejudices and walks everything off to harp!
And as if he it all well good can.
Cop cherry name I it.
Harp normally very cowardly everything off to, yet?
Totally RisingFlowRadio, a good radio station!
In every case, I find they cool, and so it hears!
Year ago they have been started!

Knowledges have she certainly
Amusing they are also but.
Loaf is the onlyest, unfortunately.
Never such good radios station seen...
Och yes, I stop with this stukske!
Beautifully that you read him, the greetings

Do Quiksvisjes, you know that things?
Crack fast are that, they swim in the sea, obviously!
Do Sja, if you she then I not need know it not over to begin really?
Besides, over the sea spoken.......
From Spain, we know the Middelandse Sea.
Of that sea, the most sharks come!
We see finally stream in they in the north Sea!
Xentrihaai, know you that?
Yzersterk its that things, really with out look

As, this was it... Till view ! (according to Loaf)
19 september 2004, 14.19 uur
Cynthia [www]
Stef Bundle....Hahahaha!!
20 september 2004, 08.54 uur
missgien [www]
Ik vond Bluntly als vertaling voor de naam Frank ook wel bijzonder ;-)
20 september 2004, 10.54 uur