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Open brief
26 juli 2004, 15:10 uur
Dat Moore gevoel heeft voor humor, blijkt wel uit de onderstaande open brief aan Bush:

Dear Mr. Bush:

I read that you have begun your summer vacation in Crawford. Summer vacation is a great time to see a movie - that's why so many blockbusters are released at this time of year. Unfortunately, my new movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," has not been shown in Crawford (and didn't open 'til this weekend in Waco).

I write to invite you to the inaugural showing of "Fahrenheit 9/11" in Crawford at the Crawford Peace House, Wednesday, July 28 at dusk. I am very much looking forward to this Crawford premiere because, after all, so much of the film is set there in the months leading up to 9/11. Our Crawford premier will give us a chance to serve up some chips, salsa and a whole lot of truth - along with a film that I believe is all hat and all cattle, all sizzle and all steak.
If you graciously accept my invitation, I will also have the chance to thank you personally for being one of my Axis of Actors who star in the film (along with your Vice President and your Attorney General). And let's face it -- you've got the funniest lines in the film! We may even have an audience reading of "My Pet Goat" to celebrate "Fahrenheit 9/11" breaking through the $100 million mark at the box office.
Thank you for considering this invitation, and enjoy your vacation, for however long it may last.

Michael Moore
Frozen [www]
hehe sterke zet, denk je dat bush nog wat terug scrijven zal ;)
27 juli 2004, 08.11 uur
Branwen [www]
Kan Bush schrijven dan? (geheel verwonderde Branwen!)
27 juli 2004, 20.47 uur