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02 april 2004, 17:32 uur
Spartan! is een nieuwe game van Slitherine Strategies:
Over 2000 years ago there was a city called Sparta. The city had only two purposes – to train for war and to fight the wars she trained for. Over time Sparta became renowned for having the strongest, fastest, bravest and most deadly fighters in the known world. They were the Spartaites and were feared by all. With these warriors Sparta carved out an Empire for itself –‘Lakedaimon’. However, it was soon to find that its reign was not to be unopposed and other great cities were rising to the fore; Athens, Thebes, Corinth, Macedonia and not to forget the threat from the east – the massive Persian Empire.
Can you unite Greece in time to defy the Great King and his mighty Persian Empire?

Probeer nu de demo, hij is spiksplinter nieuw!