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Greenpeace wint proces tegen E$$O
25 februari 2004, 09:36 uur
Esso lost its two-year-old court case against Greenpeace in France on 4 February in a victory for freedom of expression on the web and for our campaign against the world's #1 environmental criminal. As part of our "Don't buy Esso, Don't buy Exxon/Mobil" campaign, we developed a parody of Esso's logo with a double dollar sign: E$$O. Esso took us to court for copyright infringement, claiming our Stop Esso website would "confuse customers" into thinking they were at a real Esso site. But the real belly laugh came when Esso claimed that our abuse of their logo would damage their "good reputation." This is the company that has done more than any other corporation to undermine the science and policy debate on global warming.
Thank you to the thousands of cyberactivists who sent letters and photos to the ExxonMobil board of directors, sent e-cards to their friends and colleagues, and defied the oil giant personally by contributing hundreds of alternative parody logos during our on-line design contest. This is your victory too.

Link: Greenpeace wins against oil giant