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Nog een kwisje
20 december 2003, 10:02 uur
Ik ben...

EarthEarth. I hate to say it but you are down to earth. Stubborn and loyal. You tend to want to nurture others and you are the one
person friends always come to for awnsers. Without people like you others would be flying over the edge because, whether you know it or not you keep a steady beat to your life and will end up where you want to in the end. There is a sureness about you that is hard to match that draws people to you. No matter what happens the Earth keeps turning.

Welk element ben jij?
Juul [www]

Your element is Water. You are a deep person and a good communicator. Incredibably loving and loyal when your trust is gained and you are fairly mature.Myterious to the utmost water is in everything. One can be an Ocean or a river but nobody truly knows you.

20 december 2003, 11.47 uur
grt [www]
Your element is Fire. Wild and free. Your emotions lead you everywhere. You are a very passionate person, though sometimes forceful and destructive you have a goal in life, even if that goal is just to make it another day. Fire consumes and purifys, it also protects. There is always caution with fire because once it is started on something there is no telling how much it can destroy. Fire people have the same tendency when mad you could be a candle burning but if someone tips you over...
22 december 2003, 15.30 uur