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A little joke (XXX)
04 december 2003, 07:45 uur
There are three guys drinking in a pub, when another man comes in and starts drinking at the bar. After a while he approaches the group of lads, and, pointing at the one in the middle shouts 'I've shagged your mum!'
The other two guys look bewildered as the man resumes his drinking at the bar. Ten minutes later he comes back and yells at the middle guy again 'Your mum's sucked my cock!'.
And then goes back to his drink. The same thing happens, ten minutes later he's back again and announces 'Oi! I've had your mum up the arse!'.
Finally the guy in the middle stands up and shouts, 'Look, Dad, you're pissed, now bugger off home'.
Frozen [www]
Whahahahahha ROFLMAO !! ;)
04 december 2003, 12.14 uur
grt [e-mail]
schokkend! ;-)
04 december 2003, 13.27 uur
Gien [www]
ja, he. Vreselijk! En dan te bedenken dat die in mijn mailbox lag! :-p
04 december 2003, 15.47 uur
Rowan [www]
wat moet wel moeder wel niet van je denken;)
07 december 2003, 02.08 uur
Rowan [www]
1e wel = je
07 december 2003, 02.09 uur