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Indy's coming back!
29 augustus 2003, 14:45 uur

Harrison Ford to return as Indiana Jones
Harrison Ford has confirmed he will return to his best-loved role as the swashbuckling archaeologist in the fourth Indiana Jones film.
Ford, who is currently on tour promoting his latest movie Hollywood Homicide, told Munich newspaper 'tz' that he will start shooting the fourth part of the adventure next summer.
However, the 61-year-old actor may not be jumping around as much in the new Indy film, as he has had problems with his joints.
He told the German newspaper that while filming Cops he hurt the tendon in his Achilles heel and added he already has no tendon any more in his left knee.
He also had to have one implanted in his right knee and is awaiting an operation for a broken vertebra.
The actor, currently dating Ally McBeal actress Calista Flockhart, also said he was glad he has never been thought of as "hot".
Ford said: "I'm glad as otherwise I would have been replaced by the next hot star to come along. I'm more like an old shoe, that is always comfortable to wear."

Bron: Ananova.