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Other finds

Apart from the three hoars found at Westerklief, archaeology gave uw more finds which indicate the presence of vikings in this area around the 9th century.

The golden ring at Stroe
the gold ring - photo: het Huis der AardeAt Stroe a beautiful gold ring was found in a style generally used in Scandinavia in the early Middle Ages. It is, however, possible this ring is older than the Viking Age.
Left: the ring at real size

Arab Coins
Arab coins - photo: he Huis der AardeAt Vatrop, Oosterklief and Westerland a total of 6 Arab coins were found. At this moment 75 Arab coins have been found in the Netherlands, most of which in Wieringen.

Westerklief had another tressure in store: a beautiful gold button, sculptured like the battle shield of the vikings, completely with umbo.