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Westerklief (2001)

In February 2001, to astonishment of all the Dutch archaeological world, a third silverhoard was found. Again it was remarkably close to the sites of the first and second find. And again the conclusion was: this is a Viking tressure. Some even suggested it was part of the second hoard found, but that has not been confirmed yet.
The council of Wieringen bought the hoard immediately but waited until August 2001 to tell the world about this find.
What did this hoard consist of?
25 Carolingian coins (mostly complete), 12 complete Arab coins, 11 chopped Arab coins (at least 50% missing), 16 fragments of Arab coins, a silver cloak pin and chopped silver bars.
The Carolingian coins cover a rather large period of time. Some coins are from Louis the Pious (814-840), the most of the coins were from Lothar I (840-855) and were minted in Dorestad. Several coins were of Charles the Bold (843-877), among which to rare Denaro Scoldato, a kind of coins minted in the north of Italy.

Third silverhoard - photo: het Huis der Aarde

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