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A total of three viking hoards were found in the last 10 years, as well as some other finds.

Westerklief (1995)

The silverhard of Wetserklief was the first clue that the Vikings had settled permanently at Wieringen. As is was the first Vikinghoard ever found in the Netherlands which proves that Rorik or his followers had settled here, is was a find of national interest.
The hoard is now in the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden in Leiden. It consists of Carolingian and Arab coins, bracelets and silver bars. It probably was buried in the 9th century by a Danish viking, only to get back for it later. For one reason or the other, he never came to collect it.
The hoard was found by amateur-archaeologists who used a metal detector. The plowing of the field had brought the hoard to the surface and scattered it around. In total silver items and coins with a weight of 1,7 kg (c. 3 pounds) were found, partly remaining in the clay pot it was buried in.

The Wieringen Silverhoard  - photo: RMO Leiden

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