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Rorik's headquarters

Many dutch territories have lots of vague remembrances of the Vikings. On Wieringen there used to be legends related to Viking-gates in churches to wallpaintings who tell awfull tales of the brutality of these warriors. The name Rorik, however, never got mentioned. How different things are in Egmond, where stories were told with his name in every sentence. For a long time is was thought that Egmond had to be Rorik's headquarters, but except for the stories there is nothing in or around Egmond which proves this is so.

Apart from that, it is highly improbable that the area we now call Noord-Holland could hold any headquarters, because in those days this 'land' was mainly swamps. Only a small strip of land along the coast (Egmond), Texel, Wieringen and the area around Medemblik were inhabited.
However, the Viking treasures found in these areas, called 'the Hal' (Danish for a farmstead), near Westerklief, Heeraskegriet ("griet" meaning 'field' and "aske" was the way the Vikings called themselves) and Westerland make the presence of headquarters a more probable. But as long there is no written evidence we can never be sure whether Rorik even had headquarters in the costal Lowlands.