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5,000-year-old burials discovered in Jordan

5,000-year-old burials discovered in Jordan
trefwoorden: JordaniŽ - hunebed - bronstijd - 12e eeuw BCE
A team of archaeologists has discovered the skulls and bones of 20 people within the confines of a stone burial structure constructed over 5,000 years ago.
Along with the human bones were 20 pottery vessels, a scatter of beads, mace heads, and flint tools.
Located at Tall al-Umayri on the Queen Alia International Airport Highway just 13 kilometers south of the Seventh (Zahran) Circle at the entrance of Amman National Park, the ancients, whose nationality can no longer be determined, built the dolmen during the Early Bronze Age IB, about 3200 BC.

Lees verder bij: The Daily Star (18 november 2003)