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Torc discovery rivals Snettisham hoard

Torc discovery rivals Snettisham hoard
trefwoorden: Norfolk - ijzertijd - Iceni - 2e eeuw BCE -
An Iron Age torc unearthed in a Norfolk field this summer has been hailed as an exceptional find on a par with the famed Snettisham hoard.
Norfolk Museums Service expert Dr John Davies said the item dated back to the Iceni tribe, probably a generation before Iceni leader Boudicca lived.
He said: "It is indeed a very fine example. It compares with some of the very finest examples that have turned up at Snettisham.
"It's a very exceptional find, a delightful find in many respects because it's aesthetically beautiful.
"The number we have of these isn't vast, so every one that turns up is important."

Lees verder bij: EDP 24 News (15 november 2003)