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Scientists rediscover ruins of ancient Incan 'suburb'

Scientists rediscover ruins of ancient Incan 'suburb'
trefwoorden: Peru - Machu Picchu - buitenwijk
Virtually in the shadows of the fabled Machu Picchu high in the cloud forests of Peru, a British-American team has rediscovered a complex of structures that apparently provided astronomical, ...
agricultural and residential support for the royal city, a kind of "lost suburb" of the Andes.
A scant two miles from Machu Picchu on a ridge facing the city across the Urubamba River, the complex would be readily visible to the half-million people who visit the park each year - were it not covered by dense jungle that the team had to hack its way through to reach the hidden site.

Lees verder bij: Tribnet (8 november 2003)