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Pacheia Ammos' prehistoric appeal

Pacheia Ammos' prehistoric appeal
trefwoorden: Kreta - ijzertijd - metaalwerkplaats - Minoans - grot
Awarded archaeologist Philip Betancourt continues research around eastern-Crete's picturesque bay with his excavation of a Neolithic metal-smeltingworkshop, discoveries on nearby Pseira isle and the exploration of a Minoanburial cave.
Crete has beckoned many foreign archaeologists, among them Americans, who explored sites like Gournia, a Minoan commercial town in eastern Crete, in the 1900s. A key figure emerging in the new generation of Americans who have taken up work again in the same area is Philip Betancourt, professor of art history and archaeology at Temple University, Philadelphia. He began working in Crete in 1975.

Lees verder bij: Athens Online (7 november 2003)