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Ancient sailing on high sea, evidence in Ustica

Ancient sailing on high sea, evidence in Ustica
trefwoorden: ItaliŽ - Ustica - navigatie - onderwaterarcheologie
Ancient Mediterranean sailors crossed the high seas with techniques of navigation and orentation that we still haven't discovered, contrary to myths that need to be dispelled, such as that the only navigation was local coastal navigation.
New evidence has appeared regarding ancient naval presence on the island of Ustica, discovered by underwater excavation last summer carried out by Giuliano Volpe, archaeology professor at the University of Foggia, supported by "Archeologia viva" and the archaeological superintendence of Palermo.
Many of the traces of these ancient sea visits to Ustica (the island is halfway between Sicily and Sardegna, far from any coast) are exposed in a sunken museum, staged near Ustica, illustrated at the party Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico, being developed in Paestum by Piero Pruneti, director of living archaeology.

Lees verder bij: AGI (7 november 2003)