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Large-scale sacrificial relics site found in Tibet

Large-scale sacrificial relics site found in Tibet
trefwoorden: Tibet - offers - heilige berg - dierenbeenderen - 8e eeuw
Archeologists found a large-scale sacrificial relics site along the Qinghai-Tibet railway in Nagqu County in the Tibet Autonomous Region.
Covering an area of 260 square meters, the site consists of four square stone piles facing a nearby "sacred" mountain traditionally revered by local Tibetans.
It was the first time that a red pottery pot was found buried in each of the piles with marks of fire and smoke at the bottom and skulls of various animals were found circling the pottery pots including skulls of cattle, sheep and dogs, according to Zhang Jianlin, a researcher with the Shaanxi Archeology Research Institute.

Lees verder bij: People's Daily (10 november 2003)