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Long-lost coin completes the picture

Long-lost coin completes the picture
trefwoorden: Agincourt - munt - British Museum
A gold coin unearthed from the battlefield of Agincourt, and once handled by the painter JMW Turner, has turned up after 91 years, just in time for a Turner exhibition in Birmingham.
Turner's Britain is a major loan exhibition opening at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery tomorrow. One highlight will be an uncharacteristic sample of the painter's work from a private album. Vignettes inside include a study with an Agincourt theme which had a small silk purse, containing a coin from the battlefield. When the album was bound in 1912, the coin was lost.
"How it got lost, I have no idea," said James Hamilton, curator at Birmingham, who discussed the matter with the owner of the album.

Lees verder bij: The Guardian Unlimited (6 november 2003)