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Ancient earrings come home

Ancient earrings come home
trefwoorden: Cyprus - Kouklia- oorringen
The son of a British archaeologist has returned two ancient golden earrings found by his father in Kouklia to the Department of Antiquities in Cyprus.
Dr Tim Milford, the son of professor Terence Milford, personally delivered the earrings to the director of the Department of Antiquities, Sophocles Hadjisavva, who hailed his gesture as an example for others to follow even after the earrings were in the family of the professor for years.
Maria Hadjicosti, Curator of Antiquities, emphasised yesterday that, “were it not for the actions of Dr Milford, others would not have been able to appreciate the artefacts in a museum.”

Lees verder bij: Cyprus Mail (6 november 2003)