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Where is Mount Sinai?

Where is Mount Sinai?
trefwoorden: Israel - Sinaļ - rotskunst - dorpen
The idea that Har Karkom might be identified with the biblical Mount Sinai came after four years of surveying of this mountain and thirty years after discovery of rock art there by Emmanuel Anati and his team.
Since 1980, the plateau-shaped mountain Har Karkom in the Negev Desert (Israel) and the surrounding valleys have been under study. 23 years of archeological expeditions have allowed a thorough archaeological survey of 200 sq.km. Each expedition has provided fresh evidence; now nearly 1300 archaeological sites are known in the surveyed area. Many of them belong to the Late Chalcolithic, the Early Bronze Age and the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age. Remains of numerous villages of this period are found in the valleys surrounding the mountain, while the high plateau is covered by sites of cult and worship.

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