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German firm hired to save Easter Island sculptures

German firm hired to save Easter Island sculptures
trefwoorden: Unesco - Paaseiland - Duitsland - restauratie
UNESCO has awarded a German firm contract to preserve the world-famous but decaying Moai head sculptures on Easter Island, which are suffering the effects of the weather, tourism and past restoration attempts.
Stefan Maar, founder of Berlin-based Maar Denkmalpflege GmbH said Tuesday his company planned to begin treating the statues with chemicals in early 2005 in a project estimated to cost about 10 million euros ($11.5 million).
"Something has to be done," Maar told Reuters. "But with over 1,000 figures, it is a really big undertaking."
Maar's scientists are developing a chemical treatment for the unique volcanic tuff stone from which the heads are carved.
"The stone is not like anything else," Maar said.

Lees verder bij: Yahoo/Reuters (4 november 2003)