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Archaeologists on historical mission

Archaeologists on historical mission
trefwoorden: VS - Texas - Spaans - 18e eeuw
It's tough to imagine Menard County, population 2,324, as anything other than another bucolic West Texas county where ranching holds sway and nary a contrary word is heard.
However, for the past 10 years, Texas Tech archaeologists have been looking under the surface, where they have found the remains of bloody battles dating back to when the region marked the northern frontier of Spanish Texas.
Excavations at the sites of a mission and a presidio they date to the mid-18th century and straddle the San Saba River have unearthed a host of lead shot and flintlocks as well as pottery shards, cuff links, earrings and other testaments to the inhabitants' domestic lives.

Lees verder bij: Lubbock Online (2 november 2003)