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Petra exhibit in New York strives to alter perceptions

Petra exhibit in New York strives to alter perceptions
trefwoorden: New York - tentoonstelling - Petra - cultuur - Arabië
Most visitors viewing artifacts displayed in museum associate works with ancient history, not current Arab culture.
“What a people they must have been who thus opened the mountain to stamp upon it the seal of their energy and genius,” the French explorer Leon de Laborde, one of the first Westerners to visit Petra, said in his 1830 illustrated guide to the ancient city. Nearly two centuries later, and thousands of kilometers away from Jordan, New Yorkers visiting the American Museum of Natural History’s new exhibit, Petra, Lost City of Stone, seemed no less awed by beauty and the grandeur of Petra, or by the “energy and genius” of the Nabataeans, the Arabian spice traders who some 2,000 years ago hewed a thriving metropolis out of sandstone cliffs along the caravan route linking southern Arabia and India with the Mediterranean.

Lees verder bij: Daily Star (31 oktober 2003)