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Romans Rise from the Waters

Romans Rise from the Waters
trefwoorden: ServiŽ - romeinse tijd - opgravingen - onderwaterarcheologie
After 15 years of pause, archaeological excavations have been resumed in Serbia, an area rich with remains of ancient Roman sites along the Danube and Sava rivers.
The most attractive to local public was the first ever underwater expedition in the Danube, the natural border between Serbia and Romania.
It confirmed the existence of the Trajan Bridge, which once had a 1070-metre span across the river between what are today the towns of Kladovo and the Romanian port Turnu Severin some 170 km east of Belgrade.
The Roman emperor Trajan is said to have started to build the bridge in the year 103AD as a part of his forays into the kingdom of Dacians, in today's Romania.

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