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Scientist: Mahabharat war occurred in 1478 BC

Scientist: Mahabharat war occurred in 1478 BC
trefwoorden: Mahabharat - oorlog - 15e eeuw BCE
Based on the study of eclipses and planetary positions mentioned in six printed versions of the epic, a scientist at the Indian Institute of Science claims the events referred to in the Mahabharat occurred between 1493 and 1443 BC.
This claim disputes the earlier known dates of the event, which is believed to have occurred in the Dwapara Yuga between 3100 and 3000 BC based on historical and archeological evidence.
"The 23-day Kurukshetra war between the Kauravas and Pandavas must have taken place in 1478 BC. This result may have an error band of one year, since the intervals between the three constraining eclipses are uncertain to the extent of one year," Professor R Narayana Iyengar (Department of Civil Engineering, IISc) told PTI in Bangalore on Monday.
His research was based on interpreting six different versions of the epic, including in Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada and English, besides calculating planet and star positions and eclipses described in the epic using modern IT tools and software for astronomy. The software has been used to validate eclipse observations made by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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