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Archaeologists hired to dig up past at bridge site

Archaeologists hired to dig up past at bridge site
trefwoorden: VS - Kansas - brug - opgraving
Archaeologists are searching for signs of the more distant past in the clumps of soil taken from an area that is destined to be the site of a new bridge.
A team of archaeologists employed by the Louis Berger Group, an archaeological firm based in Marion, arrived about two weeks ago to study the patch of ground near the banks of a southeast Kansas creek.
"It has a lot of potential," said archaeologist Todd L. Butler. "We're at the beginning stages, so you really don't know what's there and that's part of the fun."
The Kansas Department of Transportation plans to put in a new bridge at this spot early next year. The current bridge that spans Grouse Creek has some structural problems, said Alan Grunder, an engineer for the department.

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