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Researcher believes Atlantis in Cyprus

Researcher believes Atlantis in Cyprus
trefwoorden: Atlantis - bergtop - Cyprus
Some say it is in the Aegean, others in the Azores, off the Celtic Ridge of Britain or even as far as the South China Sea, but an American researcher says everyone has been looking in the wrong place.
Atlantis was in Cyprus and ancient philosopher Plato is about to be vindicated, according to Robert Sarmast.
"The island of Cyprus was, or is, part of Atlantis -- a mountaintop," Sarmast said from his home in Los Angeles. "This region is at the heart of the ancient world."
Drawn from accounts by the ancient Athenian lawmaker Solon, Plato's description of a powerful civilization destroyed by the wrath of God has fired the dreams of explorers for centuries.

Lees verder bij: The Moscow Times (28 oktober 2003)