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Crime and punishment in Mediaeval Cyprus

Crime and punishment in Mediaeval Cyprus
trefwoorden: Cyrpus - middeleeuwen - kruistochten - strafmaat
It was a time when men dueled in the Cyprus sun and its kings longed to re-capture Jerusalem.
It was also the age of chivalry and the Crusades, piety and penance, serfdom, cruelty and impulsive mercy.
The legal marriageable age was 13 and thieves and homosexuals were sometimes hanged. A free man guilty of beating anotherís slave to death was obliged to compensate the owner financially for his loss.
This was mediaeval Cyprus, a bright and shining star for all of its contradictions and inequity, according to some historians.
It was also the convenient and long-time refuge of royalty, nobility and others chased from the nearby Holy Land by Saladin and the Saracens in the 12th and 13th centuries.

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