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Western team allowed in Iran for expedition

Western team allowed in Iran for expedition
trefwoorden: Iran - expeditie - opgraving - irrigatieproject
For the first time since 1979, a University archaeological expedition has begun digging in southwest Iran, an area known as Khuzestan.
The new research will provide additional information on a region where some of antiquity’s most dramatic hydro-engineering projects were once located. This work also renews important research connections between Iran and the University that began with the work of an Oriental Institute team—the first Western team permitted to do work there—between World War I and World War II.
Last fall, Abbas Alizadeh, Senior Research Associate in the Oriental Institute, and Nicholas Kouchoukos, Assistant Professor in Anthropology and the College, visited the archaeologically rich area of Khuzestan, and Alizadeh stayed in Iran to work with local archaeologists on the development of a new research center at the National Museum.

Lees verder bij: Chicago Chronicle (23 oktober 2003)