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Demystifying ancient Floridians

Demystifying ancient Floridians
trefwoorden: VS - Florida - fossielen
The latest book from a retired doctor explains how the Calusa and others used limited resources to accomplish incredible technological achievements — and how you can, too.
Robin Brown sure doesn’t act like a retiree. This 70-year-old doctor, wood-turner and jack of many trades is about to publish his third book, an intensively — and personally — researched volume called “The Crafts of Florida’s First People.”
His first book was about the state’s fossils, the second about its early inhabitants. This one describes how those early inhabitants used the resources at hand in their daily lives. With detailed instructions and more than 70 diagrams, it offers readers the chance to try their own hands at ancient technology.

Lees verder bij: News Press (26 oktober 2003)