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Ancient pollen gives glimpse of life

Ancient pollen gives glimpse of life
trefwoorden: Canada - Vinton - archeometrie
Archaeometry is not a household word, and likely not an occupation that will be found featured at a high school career day.
It's the natural science approach to archeological questions, according to Jim Huber, one of the rare consultants in archaeometry.
Huber, 48, spends a good deal of each day conducting a sort of scientific detective work. He searches for microscopic bits of history from pollen left by plants thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years ago. He uses pollen in samples, taken from ancient sediments to create a depiction of what the environment was like at a given place at some point in time. His studies are particularly applicable to paleontologists, researchers and even crime investigators.

Lees verder bij: Des Moines Register (26 oktober 2003)