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Valuable Verulamium: Roman site saved from the plough

Valuable Verulamium: Roman site saved from the plough
trefwoorden: Engeland - St. Albans - romeinse tijd - theater
Verulamium, a site treasured by archaeologists for years as a unique monument to Roman Britain, is now safe from destruction by the plough, thanks to an important agreement between English Heritage and the local landowner.
The agreement, announced on October 22, will ensure that fields covering part of one of the country’s most important archaeological sites, near St.Albans, are taken permanently out of cultivation and converted to permanent pasture. Ancient hedgerows that had been removed to facilitate cultivation will be re-instated.
"I am pleased to announce the completion of these important negotiations. It is wonderful to know that the internationally important archaeology of Verulamium is safe at last,” said English Heritage Chief Executive, Dr Simon Thurley.

Lees verder bij: 24 Hour Museum (22 oktober 2003)

Photo if how the theatre site looks now.
It adjoins the land now saved from the plough.
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