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Mastodons Fought to The Death

Mastodons fought to the death
trefwoorden: ijstijd - mastodonts
Among the worst enemies of the Ice Age's giant mastodons was a charging frenzied monster with curved tusks backed by six tons of angry flesh and bone in other words, other mastodons, according to new evidence.
Three-dimensional modeling of fossil mastodon skulls, tusks and bone injuries make a compelling case for the possibility that the male, or bull elephant-like animals of the ice age often fought dramatic battles to the death over mating rights.
"There's a pattern of damage that's observed on several different skulls," said mastodon expert Dan Fisher of the University of Michigan. Crushed bone found under and behind one eye would have required puncturing a tough skin and 20 inches of jaw muscles. "It's not a place that'd be easy to get to just thumping around," he said.

Lees verder bij: Discovery News (21 oktober 2003)