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La Salle: historic hero -- or demonic despot?

La Salle: historic hero or demonic despot?
trefwoorden: La Salle - ontdekker - kolonie - Fort St. Louis
Explorer Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, often is described in encyclopedia entries as a "celebrated" explorer, if his character is mentioned at all.
Historians in recent years have been more willing to openly discuss the dark side of the famed Frenchman.
"Today we would probably describe him as mentally ill, possibly paranoid-schizophrenic," says Jim Bruseth, director of the Texas Historical Commission's archaeological division and a lead archaeologist on the 1996-2002 excavations of the ship La Belle and La Salle's small French colony, Fort St. Louis.

Lees verder bij: Star Telegram (21 oktober 2003)