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Iron Age roundhouse razed to the ground

Iron Age roundhouse razed to the ground
trefwoorden: Engeland - Essex - Hertfordshire - ijzertijd - rondhuis
"A great loss" was how one Royston school this week described the destruction of a reconstructed Iron Age roundhouse.
The building at Letchworth Museum, which was visited by thousands of children over the years, burnt to the ground during the night of Sunday October 5.
A spokesman for Tannery Drift First School said: "We're due to take a party of children to the museum soon for the first time in several years. Part of the visit would have been to look at the roundhouse and obviously it is a great loss that we now won't be able to do so."
The roundhouse was built by a voluntary group from Stevenage in 1994 from donated materials and only reopened in March this year after work was carried out to make it safe following vandalism last summer.

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