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Archaeologist peruses arrowheads, artifacts

Archaeologist peruses arrowheads, artifacts
trefwoorden: VS - Iowa - show - tijdsbepaling
Sitting at a small folding table surrounded by area residents eager for him to view the artifacts they had brought for his perusal, archaeologist Tim Weitzel tried to examine each arrowhead, rock or clay pot.
"Wow," he said, leafing through an archaeology textbook and holding a clay pot thrust into his hands. "Look at that."
Weitzel, an archaeologist with the Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist, turned over, looked at, prodded and poked artifacts brought to the Dover Museum, 213 W. Main St., as part of 2003's Archaeology Month. The "archaeology roadshow," modeled after popular public television show "Antiques Roadshow," gave local residents the chance to have an archaeologist look over and assess the age, and sometimes the relative value, of artifacts they had unearthed.

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