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Archaeologist shows how ancients made tools

Archaeologist shows how ancients made tools
trefwoorden: Noord-Amerika - prehistorie - gereedschap - vulcaans gesteente
With a loud crack, state archaeologist Daniel Meatte hit one rock against another and opened up a shiny black obsidian face on an otherwise gray, rounded river rock.
The audience focused on the shiny surface, but Dillon Henshaw, 5, ran away excitedly from the "Prehistory of Glass" presentation to get his dad so he could see it too.
"He does it all the time - he breaks rocks," Dillon's dad, David Henshaw of Tacoma, explained later.
The Henshaws and several dozen others watched Saturday on the main floor of The Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art as Meatte showed them how Stone Age people in this corner of North America used obsidian, a volcanic glass rock, and quartzlike flint to make tools and weapons.

Lees verder bij: News Tribune (19 oktober 2003)