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A debate of biblical proportions

A debate of biblical proportions
trefwoorden: Egypte - Israel - huis - Bijbel - Exodus
An Austrian archeologist says an 'Israelite house' found in Egypt proves the Bible's Exodus story.
Nonsense, a Canadian scholar has fired back: 'It's simply too dizzying to even be considered.' Randy Boswell reports on the controversy.
An Austrian archeologist has caught the world's attention with the discovery of a house in Egypt that bears the marks of an ancient Israelite dwelling -- possible proof, the scientist says, of the Exodus story from the Bible.
But, a Canadian biblical scholar is leading the charge against the claim, arguing the placement of the door in the "isolated shack" is "completely wrong" for an Israelite's home, and that the Exodus angle is being hyped by the same "sensation-mongering" magazine that trumpeted the discovery of the now-dubious James Ossuary.

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