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Early evidence of fire found

Early evidence of fire found
trefwoorden: Engeland - Harnham - vuurresten - houtskool - 250.000 jaar
Construction work to build a relief road for a British village has revealed one of the earliest evidences of fire in Europe, British archaeologists announced.
Charcoal deposits that might date back between 250,000 and 300,000 years ago, were discovered in Harnham, a village one mile south of Salisbury on South Wiltshire's Chalklands, England.
"It's really an exciting discovery. It has come out of the blue as air photography showed nothing of significance. The presence of charcoal suggests the people there made fires. It would seem natural as the climate was cold and damp at the time," archaeologist Helena Cave Penny told Discovery News.

Lees verder bij: Discovery Channel (17 oktober 2003)