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Saxon fishermen left traps in bay

Saxon fishermen left traps in bay
trefwoorden: Engeland - Bridgwater Bay - 10e eeuw - Saksen - visval
Saxon fish traps have been discovered on Steart Flats in Bridgwater Bay. Tree-ring analysis of the oak timber used to build two of the traps showed it was growing in the 10th century.
Other wooden fish weirs in the bay built from stakes made of spruce or larch, which are not native to Britain, showed they must have been built in the past 300 years.
Somerset County Council archaeologist Richard Brunning said: "It is an amazing discovery. We hoped some of them might be medieval but had no idea that a 1,000 years of fishing structures still survive in the bay.
"Some of the structures are being eroded as the mobile sediment in the bay shifts around so it is important to get as much information as possible before they disappear."

Lees verder bij: Bridgwater Times (17 oktober 2003)