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Battle of Bannockburn stirrups unearthed

Battle of Bannockburn stirrups unearthed
trefwoorden: Schotland - Bannockburn - 14e eeuw - stijgbeugel
Arachaeologists claim to have discovered the first physical evidence of the Battle of Bannockburn.
A pair of horse stirrups, found earlier this year on a flood plain believed by most historians to be the site of the decisive second day of the battle, have been dated to the 14th century.
They were unearthed by Tony Pollard and Neil Oliver, two archaeologists working on the final day of excavations for the forthcoming BBC2 series Two Men in a Trench.
The badly-corroded iron stirrups are thought to have belonged to an English knight, probably one of the 10,000 English invaders killed in the battle.
Laboratory tests carried out at Glasgow University reveal the items, which are not a matching pair, were once coated in shiny metal, suggesting they belonged to a wealthy English knight of the heavy cavalry. They are believed to have been torn off in the heat of battle.

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