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Archaeologists wrap up work at Natural Bridge Caverns

Archaeologists wrap up work at Natural Bridge Caverns
trefwoorden: San Antonio - opgraving - prehistorie - kamp - 4.000 BCE
University researchers are completing archaeological work at Natural Bridge Caverns after finding signs of prehistoric campgrounds and a dart point that may be up to 6,000 years old.
The first scientific dig at the caverns since they were discovered north of San Antonio was expected to wrap up today.
Twenty days of excavation by archaeology students from the University of Texas at San Antonio have uncovered its oldest artifact -- a Nolan dart point -- outside the caverns' entrance and about two yards below the surface. Radiocarbon testing of nearby charcoal remains that could be even older will take about 30 days, said Steve Tomka, director of the Center for Archaeological Research at UTSA.

Lees verder bij: Houston Chronicle (14 oktober 2003)