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Salvagers see golden jackpot

Salvagers see golden jackpot
trefwoorden: VS - Florida - onderwater-archeologie - 18e eeuw - schip
The deep-sea recovery of a 150-year-old ship's bell could ring up the first big payoff for Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.
Possibly to the tune of $120 million in gold coins.
The Tampa-based deep-water salvage company reported Tuesday that it has identified a shipwreck about 100 miles off the coast of Georgia as the SS Republic, which sank during a hurricane Oct. 25, 1865, on a trip between New York and New Orleans.
The company pulled the bell from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,700 feet down, where it sat in the sand near the bow of the side-wheel steamer, said Laura Barton, an Odyssey spokeswoman.

Lees verder bij: Tampa Tribune (15 oktober 2003)