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Digging for future sheds light on Wellsburg's past

Digging for future sheds light on Wellsburg's past
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A modern effort to bring a municipal water line into Wellsburg has brought a large part of the village's past to light.
Last November and December, a team of six archaeologists from the Public Archaeology Facility at Binghamton University, were contracted to complete an archaeological survey along New York state Route 427 in the Wellsburg and Southport area, as part of Wellsburg's new water pipeline project.
In New York state before any major state construction is to begin, an archaeology survey must be done to ensure that the project won't disrupt important historical sites. The P.A.F. crew spent that month digging test pits along the proposed water pipeline, to see what was there. What they came across was an amazing collection of prehistoric and historical artifacts dating back as far as 900 A.D.

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