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Stonehenge sensation - scanning reveals axe carvings

Stonehenge sensation - scanning reveals axe carvings
trefwoorden: Engeland - Stonehenge - bijl - krassen
Using laser scanning technology to study Europe’s most famous ancient monument, a team of computer experts and archaeologists has discovered carvings of two axe heads on Stonehenge.
The most hi-tech investigation of the monument to date, the study was carried out between 2002 and earlier this year by a team from Wessex Archaeology and Archaeoptics Ltd.
Although similar carvings were first found at Stonehenge 50 years ago, they have never been fully surveyed or studied.
The laser scanning has opened up a whole new way of seeing Stonehenge," explained Tom Goskar of Wessex Archaeology. "We spent an hour recording the data at the stones and we were astounded to discover two new carvings as a result."

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