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Shroud dating leaves 'forgery' debate raging

Shroud dating leaves 'forgery' debate raging
trefwoorden: Turijn - lijkwade - datering - 13e/14e eeuw
The Holy Shroud of Turin - revered by Catholics for centuries - is a piece of linen woven between AD1260 and 1390.
Therefore the image it bears cannot be the imprint of the bloodstained body of the crucified Jesus Christ.
The news, confirming rumours and leaks which began circulating from the first weeks of radiocarbon dating tests on the shroud, was announced yesterday by Cardinal Anastasio Ballestrero, the Archbishop of Turin. He said that scientists at laboratories in Zurich, Arizona and Oxford had checked the ages of historically authenticated samples of cloth and cuttings from the shroud and were '95 per cent' certain of their findings.

Lees verder bij: The Guardian (14 oktober 2003)