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The original Iron Lady rides again

The original Iron Lady rides again
trefwoorden: Engeland - romeinse tijd - Boudica - tv-film
But where is the site of Boudica's last battle against the Romans? There have been lots of theories, including King's Cross station. Now Byron Rogers can reveal all...
The tumult and the shouting dies/The captains and the kings depart. And, in millions of British homes, stunned families, having switched off the recent television epic Boudica, found themselves staring at each other in disbelief.
Did the Emperor Claudius really tell Boudica, "Shame to be at war all the time, isn't it?" Did the Empress Agrippina murmur post-coitally to her son Nero, "Hush, Mummy's thinking". More to the point, after two hours of this nonsense, could there ever have been that last great battle between the Queen of the Iceni and Suetonius Paulinus, the Roman governor of Britannia? Surely not, surely even that was just EastEnders long ago.
The Battlefields Trust has other ideas, which is why I am walking across a field the size of a prairie in Northamptonshire with some of its members. "It has to be here," says the military historian Martin Marix Evans, who is conducting the walk.

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