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Goryeo celadon cargo found in shipwreck

Goryeo celadon cargo found in shipwreck
trefwoorden: Korea - schip - 11e eeuw - onderwaterarcheologie
In one of the most critical archeological discoveries in Korean history, nearly 700 sets of Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) celadon dishes were found in a wreckage of an 11th century conveyer vessel.
The vessel was found off the coast of Gunsan, North Jeolla Province, an event that may evidently reshape the current knowledge on medieval celadon pottery and maritime transport.
According to a report by the Korean National Maritime Museum yesterday, 667 sets of celadon dishes - thought to date back to the mid-11th century - were recovered from the shipwreck after a month-long period of research operations. The number of found relics are likely to increase drastically in the following periods, considering that the research team has yet to reach the main body of the sunken vessel, only managing to hover around the part of what's thought to the ship's prow. The wooden ship was first located at the spot late last month, marking only the third time ever that a Goryeo vessel has been discovered underwater.

Lees verder bij: The Korea Herald (10 oktober 2003)