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Ancient peace

Ancient peace
trefwoorden: Egypte - Hettieten - Nijldelta - kleitablet - diplomatie
Part of a cuneiform tablet showing diplomatic correspondence between Egypt and the Hittites has been unearthed near the Delta village of Al-Qantir.
On the morning of 1 September, when the German archaeological mission of Hildesheim was clearing a dump next to a kiln used to produce glass near the ancient capital of Per-Ramses in the reign of Ramses II, a 5x5cm fragment of diplomatic correspondence came to light.
"This is an important discovery because it adds to the corpus of diplomatic correspondence between Egypt and the Hittite court after the signing of the famous Peace Treaty in the Year 21 of Ramses II's reign," Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said. The tablet was found unexpectedly beside a 2m wide kiln dating to the Late Period. "Possibly it was thrown up from an earlier level," Hosni commented.

Lees verder bij: Al-Ahram Weekly (9 oktober 2003)